Malik Mullino

Jadeite Assets landed a contract of 3 million dollars from Michelin for tires transportation across the west coast.

A Nevada Domestic Limited Liability company named Jadeite Assets LLC. Jadeite Assets LLC was founded in 2020 and is located at 6555 Arville St Las Vegas, NV 89118. The mission of Jadeite Assets LLC is to altogether vet uncommon venture openings for premium returns. They altogether have 40 years of experience in various fields such as Real estate, Transport, Crypto Currency and Stocks.

The small business venture named Jadeite Assets LLC which primarily deals with Transport business comes under the spotlight as a 3 million dollar contract has been granted to this organization from Michelin Tires, one of the well-known names in the industry, for moving a full shipment of tires from its 30 distribution places across the west coast.

The CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC Mr, Malik Mullino, a former marine and a native of Oceanside California, shows the determination that his company will overcome the gaps and provide the best quality services to their clients in order to achieve high profits for their investors. He added further that the first quarter  income statement will be public in the starting of April.

Jadeite Assets LLC has caught the consideration of Forbes 500 as it is one of the quickest developing small business enterprises in the US. This rising star is under the consideration and we will be evaluating its profit-loss statement for the interest of our audiences.