Malik Mullino

By partnering with Irvine based Shopoff Realty Investments, Malik Mullino CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC has invested in a $90 million dollar project in Newport Beach. This is a part of a large master-planned commercial development in Uptown Newport Beach.

Details have been released regarding the 90-million-dollar luxury condo community to Newport Beach. The condominium is believed to be constructed in March and the residences will commence on the 25-acre, two-phase development.

Furthermore, It consists of 30 condos including 5 buildings that are designed by WHA Architects. Moreover, the style in which the condo will be designed is through a combination of half-floor flats along with two-story penthouses whose prices start from $1.9 million dollars.

The president and CEO of Shop off Realty Investments said that only the Parkhouse residences will be given the opportunity to own the brand-new luxury condominium in Newport Beach with a selected and presented form of expert knowledge in news content which will offer a direct access to a highly connected part of the city.

Moreover, the interior will be designed by Black band Design which will feature oversized windows and smooth terraces. It will have access to a pool alongside a hot tub, a resort cabana as well as access to elevator entry to a scenic grassy village green.

When will the condo launch?

The condominium sales will launch in April 2021 and will most probably be completed at the end of 2021.

In addition to that, there is a 22-million-dollar industrial logistics which is under development in Anaheim. The firm was able to acquire a 7.75-acre site at 1477 Number Jefferson Street under the cost of 14 million dollars and they say it will construct the Palisade Anaheim Logistics Center on a hypothetical basis.

The property was purchased from Torrance Logistics Co. with the mindset of developing a last-mile logistics and fulfillment center which will primarily consist of e-commerce tenants. This news is shared by Joe Mishurda, who is a managing partner at the firm.


Site improvements will begin in March and the project is estimated to be completed at the end of November. The building will be customized according to the needs of tenants. 

Malik Mullino, the CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC has succeeded in gaining maximized profits for his company by investing in this amazing offer to take part in the project of constructing a 90-million-dollar condominium in Newport Beach.

Malik‚Äôs success in growing his company since 2020 has been marvelous and many small businesses are following his footsteps in achieving his remarkable results. He will be congratulated for his efforts by helping the local residences of Parkhouse. 

The latest news on Malik Mullino and his company Jadeite Assets LLC will be updated here on this website for our interested readers to view. You will be able to note down the success and growth of the company.