Malik Mullino CEO

Malik Mullino is a retired Marine officer and the CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC. During his over 2 decades of experience in the military followed by his degree in computer science from “SDSU. Mr. Mullino” gained the necessary skill sets, discipline and leadership to push Jadeite Assets LLC to the Top Tier of asset management companies in the US.

Goals of Malik Mullino for Jadeite Assets LLC

Malik Mullino aims to push his company into the top leagues. In order to gain the maximum profits, he has stated in his recent interviews, “We will serve our clients through great leadership and precise networking in order to produce maximum profits for Jadeite Assets.”

By keeping good and healthy relationships with their clients, Malik aims to produce profits in great figures that will benefit both him and his company.

Moreover, Malik Mullino has succeeded in growing his company by landing contracts with highly reputable business companies known in the East as well as the West Coast.

One such contract was made with Michelin, a company expert in manufacturing and producing tires at mass production. Michelin is recognized as one of the 10th best large employer of tires in America. With over 69 production facilities in 17 countries, Michelin is on the Forbes 2019 “America’s Best Employer” list.

Malik Mullino signed a contract with Michelin to fully transport shipments of their tires from thirty different distribution centres across the West Across.

Recent Accomplishment

In order to achieve maximum profits, Malik has made use of his resources to build an army of upgraded models of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. Both of these companies are American truck manufacturers, specializing in heavy-duty as well as medium-duty vehicles. 

The purpose of producing such a fleet is to provide logistics and shipping services to some of the most lucrative companies in the Midwest and California. This will help maximize profits for Jadeite Assets LLC as well as increase the sales and profits of these companies. In other words, providing trucks will benefit both Jadeite Assets and the rest of the companies.

A logistics is an important tool for a successful supply chain. A supply chain helps the companies that focus on the production, warehousing and shipment of products by increasing their sales and profits. Malik uses his strategic mind in a very efficient way that will benefit Jadeite Assets LLC throughout its successful years.


Reputable companies such as Albertsons, Amazon, Home Depot, Target as well as Ralphs will be provided with the services of said trucks.

Truck Drivers

The truck drivers used for logistics and shipping services are highly experienced and trained for driving heavy-duty vehicles. Furthermore, as stated by Malik Mullino himself in his interview, “Our fleet of trucks is maintained professionally and our drivers are heavily screened through our HR department. You do not have to worry as the financial status of Jadeite Assets LLC is already shining brightly.”