Malik Mullino

Malik Mullino is a native of Oceanside, California, and is the founder and CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC. He has worked with more than ten highly recognized companies to grow his small business in the US exponentially. This high rate of growth has landed his business the perfect opportunity to be recognized by Forbes 500.

Fortune 500 is the best business scorecard and gives a yearly list of five hundred of the biggest US companies ranked by their total revenues for their respective fiscal years.

What is the AIM of Jadeite Assets LLC?

Jadeite Assets LLC works under precise networking and quality leadership to continue serving their client’s needs and wants to ensure contracts that can be renewed to produce maximal profits for Jadeite Assets.

Updated Release

Recently, Jadeite Assets LLC has landed a three-million-dollar contract with one of the finest tire manufacturing companies, Michelin, which is also recognized by Fortune 500. Malik Mullino, a retired Marine and CEO of Jadeite Assets LLC, has created a new opportunity for Michelin to entirely transport their tires from its 30 distribution centers across the West Coast.

Since 1889, Michelin has been manufacturing, producing as well as shipping high-quality tires across the globe. Today, it is one of the leading tire companies producing highly sustainable and durable tires that support almost every vehicle, including automobiles, airplanes, farm equipment, and heavy-duty trucks and motorcycles.

Why Michelin?

With over sixty-nine production facilities in 17 countries and a whopping Twenty-Four Billion Pounds of net sales, Michelin is recognized as one of the 10ths best large employers of tires on America on Forbes 2019 “America’s Best Employer” List.

Purpose of This Contract

Beneficial for both the companies, Jadeite Assets LLC, owned by Malik Mullino, has stated in his recent interviews, “We will continue to build strong, reliable bridges of service to clients all the while producing high-profit margins for our investors.”

By landing this contract, Jadeite Assets LLC is now under the keen eyes of Forbes 500; this means that they will hopefully be recognized under the Forbes 2021, a massive step into the market. 

Apart from that,

If Jadeite Assets LLC continues to grow, it will surely be recognized as one of the smallest businesses to rise in such a short amount of time in the United States. Therefore, they will become one of the state’s reputable companies along with a handsome amount of gained profits.

News and Updates

According to Malik Mullino, the first quarter of the earning reports will be released officially at the beginning of April. All the frequent interactions and updates regarding the success of the contract between Jadeite Assets LLC and Michelin will be recorded and listed.

On this website, you will get to see updated results about all the quarterly earnings of Jadeite Assets LLC, which we regularly review. Furthermore, we will also be keeping track of this rising star, Malik Mullino, for our fellow interested readers.